23 October 2006

Quick supper

Given how infrequently I eat pasta, I feel as if I'm eating a lot of it.

Got in late from work. Need to leave in 30 minutes for the TFE's so as to watch the yummy new Doctor. Thank goodness I had some meatballs in the freezer along with some fresh broccoli and brussel sprouts. As the pasta water boiled, fried the little balls-o-meat and then, in the drippings added some onions and garlic. Tossed in the veg--gave it all a shake and let them steam for a while. when done, added some tomato sauce that was in the fridge, put the cooked meatballs back in and kept it on low. Added cooked spaghetti (well, spaghettini) and some cheese. Made enough for lunch tomorrow, so that's all sorted.