02 August 2009

If it's Sunday, I must be baking

The weather's still cool enough so I can do a morning of baking. Quite pleased...

Peanut Butter cupcakes
Cherry loaf
Pizza Bianca


31 July 2009

No dim sum for me

Was supposed to head out for dim sum with the extended team but last minute stuff kept us in. Ordered in Swiss Chalet for lunch instead. Never have luck there--every time I've had their chicken, it's been raw in the centre. Had the 1/3 rack of ribs dinner instead. Surprisingly good.


29 July 2009

Mummy's birthday cake

Good gravy. I'm actually making a Black Forest gateau. Not that it's really my choice--is Mum's favourite cake and as it's her birthday tomorrow, I really don't have much of a choice. Thank goodness I have 5" spring forms. So a little mini-cake for her.

Dinner: A&W (after almost 2.5 hrs in line at the VIA station, trying to buy tickets, there's no way I'd be cooking)


23 July 2009

I'm sure they thought they were being cutting edge

Lunch plans changed and I wound up eating at the caf. The beef and brie panini sounded like a good idea...if I'd known it would also include a sweet raspberry vinaigrette and some really questionable relish, I'd have opted for something else...


21 July 2009

PB and Chocolate cheesecake

Doctored the spring DB cheesecake recipe to make absolutely delicious peanut butter cheesecakes with Oreo crust. Oh my word, it was good. Very rich, but good. They will show up at Cardamom Addict in the future.


16 July 2009

Sour cherries!

Oh joy! Oh rapture!

A bucket of sour cherries is in my fridge.

Now to find a jam recipe.


15 July 2009

Orange blueberry cake

I should call it "clean out the fridge" cake as it used soured milk and blueberries that should have been eaten a few days ago. Played around with ingredients--not too bad, a bit oily, but I'll revisit.


13 July 2009

Sins of the father

Given all the lovely food my mother has made over the years, why on Earth do they consider Kentucky Duck a special treat?

Again, they opted for it. The shop they went to didn't fry it long enough as the coating still tasted raw (the chicken was cooked, though).



12 July 2009

Comfort and Restoration


I hate July. If I could irradicate it from the calendar, I would be so much happier. I think.

I wrote and uploaded my tribute to Martin Streek, tying it into the Comfort and Restoration series. Not my best set of words, by far. The theme, of course, is loss. I know there's much to be written about food and loss, but after nearly two years, I'm still not ready to do it justice.

I thought I could pull something together that could easily bring in food--I knew the dish (mashed potatoes)--but it just didn't come out that way.


10 July 2009

Pepper fry and rice

This is the food I love. Fast and unadorned. In another life and origination it would simply be a pepper steak and rice. In Kerala, it's a pepper fry.

Beef pepper fry


08 July 2009

Pizza for breakfast

Sometimes students have the right idea. That pizza I made on Sunday is a fabulous breakfast. Still need to tweak it, but really...nummynummynummy.


07 July 2009

RIP, Martin

Nothing about food today.

Martin Streek died yesterday; found out this afternoon.

In a bit of shock as I spent many hours with him on the car radio on my drive home in my commuting days...I can still hear his baritone over the crowds during his Live To Air at The Kingdom/Sound Academy/Velvet Underground, not to mention the Thursday 30...

RIP, the spirit of radio will never be the same.


05 July 2009

Cherry Grunt and Pizza

Made a special treat for Annemarie, and posted it here. I find it odd, this practise of creating and posting a dish in honour of someone who will probably never eat that particular instance. I've done it a few times now. It sort of feels like being a tease (which I'm getting practised at with a certain friend, I suppose), but it's not meant to be...

Speaking of whom...he suggested Guinness Chocolate ice cream as a flavour (well he didn't...he said he likes beer and chocolate)...translated it, slightly improving upon David Leibowitz's recipe. Sent the photo over...he's impressed...or he's being polite. Regardless, I am happy I have a tub of it in my freezer.

Anyway, Annemarie and I connected via gTalk today. Got caught up with the man situation...I'm back to 0...I think. I say I think because who knows what's really going on. Except that one would like to be a "friend with with benefits"--sans friendship (I think). For a smart boy, this one doesn't let the brain that got him his Masters do the thinking.

Tried a new recipe for pizza dough today. I quite like it--focaccia-like. I need a new pan, though...poured the dough onto a pan lined with tin foil. After baking it was a bugger to pry the silvery leaves off the back of he pie.

Pizza with hot salami, onions, bell peppers an mushrooms.
Cherry Grunt


04 July 2009

DB July Challenge and Catfish

This is the earliest I've ever completed a DB challenge. Not thrilled with the results...I've screwed up in pretty much every element. I'm taking full responsiblity for it's failure (except for one bit). No matter. It's photographed and the end results are going to Christine's...her kids like the main bit of it...and they'll eat anything (I think).

Am working out an oven fish dish with catfish. Easy...but not quite there yet. Served it with oven fries. Didn't have any tartar sauce (and didn't feel like making mayo), so doctored some chip dip...well...a disaster as a fish sauce, but not bad with the fries. Meh

Baked catfish
Oven fries
Doctored dip


03 July 2009

Mango shrimp curry and rice

Went over to the parents for supper...as I will most nights, now that they are back. The usual hubub of the house is returned...which is comforting.

I missed her cooking

Mango shrimp curry


01 July 2009

Newfoundland Fries

The Newfoundland Fries shop is never open when I drive by. Ever.

I wonder how it stays in business.

When they were in their old location there were lots of cars and a line up of fans waiting to get in. But I guess now that they went upscale--out of a trailer and into...a bigger trailer, closer to civilisation...they can afford to not be open.

But they were open today. James and I went in and got supper there. I think he was ripped off--he ordered a large NF fries and ordered small. No discernable difference in volume or weight...he paid 50 per cent more than I. I'm not impressed.

The fries, however were oddly patriotic I suppose...given they originated from the last province to join Confederation, in a hotly contested vote.

Newfoundland fries.


29 June 2009


It makes no sense to me, but my father's favourite Canadian food is KFC. Yes. I know. I know that too. And that as well. Each family celebration (save for the big ones--Thanksgiving, Christmas, my mum's and my birthdays) we always get a bucket o' Kentucky duck in (or as we call it "chuckychucky"--when I was little I couldn't say "Kentucky"and it came out as "chuckychucky"). My parents are back from their trip. A bucket of chicken was bought. My tummy wonders why I'm punishing it.

Potato Salad (from the grocer's)
Bean Salad (from the grocer's)
Potato wedges (home made)


27 June 2009

Daring Bakers: I'm hosting

I knew my time would come and it is now.

Read about what I and my lovely cohostess Annemarie of Ambrosia and Nectar set as our challenge here.

Quite the experience hosting these things. The usual lot of sparkly snowflakes and people who complain because there's an element they don't like (almonds, pastry, an inability to follow directions) but the overwhelming positive reactions to the challenge more than make up for that lot.


24 June 2009

Spinach omelet wrap

Good gravy, what more can come my way?

In no mood to deal with cooking; thank goodness I have leftover fillings from the lasagne.

One beaten egg with some of the bacon-spinach filling. Squidgily cooked before laying it on the flax wrap with some cheddar...v satisfying.


21 June 2009

Veggie Lasagne

I know I made pasta sheets for a previous DB challenge, but I'm lazy. Out came the box of whole wheat pasta sheets and the bechamel recipe from the challenge. One layer was spinach and bacon, the other sautéed mushrooms. A few spoons of the last of my canned tomatoes. Nummy.


19 June 2009

Unhappy tummy

Why oh why do I eat from the office cafeteria?

When oh when will I learn my lesson?


18 June 2009

Heh...I can be mean when I want to...

Sent a photo to The Swordsman illustrating the dinner he bailed out on this past Saturday.

Not the best bit of food porn...we'll see what the reaction is.


13 June 2009

The dinner that wasn't

We tried to get together for supper, but it wasn't meant to be. The Swordsman is just too exhausted.

Oven bbqed chicken and corn pudding.
Peach cobbler


04 June 2009

Pot luck lunch

Good gravy. If you are going to have the nerve to graze at a pot luck, you need to bring food...you don't even have to make it yourself--the grocery store has prepared salads and veggie platters. The basket of candy you keep at your desk is NOT a pot luck contribution.

Soba noodle salad with seared tofu (mine)
Greek salad
various cheeses, cured meat
various dips with breads
chicken pasta
chicken in a slow cooker
lots of chocolate desserts
rhubarb cobbler


31 May 2009

Roast dinner

My hormones are at play. Opened up the freezer and took out the first piece of red meat I saw--a baby prime rib roast (less than 1kg). It's dainty size allowed me to pan sear the two main sides and then pop it into the oven. I don't think I'll do roasts "the usual way" again after this. This is the new usual way.

Peppercorn and garlic encrusted roast,
Chunky chips
Red wine and onion sauce


24 May 2009

Yes, it has been a while

One would think that I'd be able to keep two blogs going at once...along with all the other things I do.

Apparently not.

Oh well.

There's no way I can get caught up in missed meals, so I'm starting this one ... again.

So here goes...

Chicken enchiladas.

I'd started out wanting something Moroccan or Provençale. But I think the TV programme I had running in the background took over and it turned into enchiladas. Have never made them before...quite easy and quite good.

They may appear on CA at some point.


11 January 2009

Cold weather food

It's not a particularly hard winter-not at all comparable to last year's January (at least not yet). But still, it's perfect slow cooking weather...pottering in the kitchen while doing some bulk cooking, Beelzebub's gaping maw turning out baked goods.

Cornbread muffins


10 January 2009

Gone Fishing

Almost the exact opposite to yesterday. Found myself craving fish in a big way; the grocer's sushi counter sufficed. So very addicted to seaweed salad. Next to the sushi bar is the fish counter. They had lovely-looking catfish in the case and I bought some. Far too much (in quantity and cost)...have frozen three filets for later use.

California Roll with brown rice
Seaweed salad

Catfish fingers with garlic aioli


09 January 2009

Hormonal eating

Truly. Seriously.

The mere fact I've entitled this post as I have, is the pudding for which the proof is evident that I have no scruples when it comes to talking of such issues. Desperately need salt and meat. Red meat. Something must die to make my gullet and internal chemistry happy.

The second half of last night's chicken parm sandwich, supplemented with
Spicy fries, slathered in gravy from the caf.

Quarter pounder McValue Meal with root beer as the beverage of choice.


08 January 2009

I can't believe people can eat the whole thing

Worked a bit later than usual and needed to be on an evening call, so no real time to cook. Stopped off at the grocery store adn picked up a chicken parm sandwich. Good Gawd it's HUGE. Could only get through half of it for supper. The rest will be kept for tomorrow's lunch


06 January 2009

Breakfast for supper

Before she left, Mum left me uncurried spinach curry. Decided that I needed a break from New Year's leftovers and did up some eggs and toast for supper (and tomorrow's lunch).

Spinachy egg scramble
Hot, buttered toast with orange marmelade


01 January 2009

New Year's Feast

Christmas is always Canadian food: the turkey, stuffing, gravy yaddayaddayadda. New Years is always Indian food. This year the menu was scaled back considerably...which is good because there's always too much food. Still, lots of leftovers.

Vegetable biryani
Spinach curry
Broccoli something (ew).
Fish (salty)
Butter chicken (which I made last night)
Apple crisp