31 March 2008

Rotini and cheese

I don't know why, but I was struck with the idea of making macaroni and cheese for supper. I've made it from scratch once or twice, but it's not a staple in my kitchen. Unfortunately, when I think of it, my mind conjures up fluorescent a orange cheese-like substance whose origins are powdery. I know Canadians love the blue and yellow box, but I'm not a big fan.

Came home from work and rummaged through the fridge--I have lots of bleu cheese, but not a lot good melty cheese. Made the white sauce and tipped in a mixture of mozz and Guinness cheddar, along with a good spoon of grainy Dijon. Coated the rotini in it and baked it off for a little bit.

Remembered the leftover fried mushrooms from yesterday's roast beef supper and mixed them in, after baking the pasta. Nummy...


30 March 2008

Enough takeaway

I've pretty much lived on takeaway since Friday.

Friday lunch was spent with two work friends at a very yummy dimsum buffet. Lots of goodies--nuclear orange chicken (or pork??), siu mai, black bean aubergines, noodoes, spring rools, broccoli, beef and onions. For supper, decided to head out with a friend. We saw the new Simon Pegg movie (Run, Fat Boy, Run) but as we wanted to see the early show, we ate in the food court. New York Fries with the works. It's been years since I had that. Not quite to my memory, but still okay.

Spent Saturday running about. At the end of my shopping (2pm) was so hungry, decided to pick up a sandwich from the grocer's. Not back--chicken caesar with periperi in a wrap. Wolfed it down before heading over to the parents' to do some baking.

Have totally given up on Beelzebub. Got a cookbook from Penguin for posting consideration and completed a cake and some muffins. I'd forgotten what it was like to bake in a reliable oven. Also reminded myself as to what cooking on a gas flame was like. Oh, I so want a gas oven. Slowly working towards it. By the time I was done, it was well past supper time. There isn't a lot of food over there, so on the way home picked up a burger, onion rings and a root beer float from the A&W.

Today will be differnt. Roast beef dinner. Will stud the meat with garlic, and pat the outside with dried mustard, black pepper and flour. Will serve with some carrots and peas and other lovely veg...


27 March 2008

I feel like chicken tonight

Needed to supplement the remants of Easter supper, so took the lazy route and took out the chicken wings and had them with the cornbread, roasted potatoes and roasted veg. Oven-heavy, but Beelzebub seems to be okay with meats and casseroles and veggies than with the more delicate stuff.


23 March 2008

Yes, I have been eating

Just not writing about it--too many other things on the go.

Let's see..

St. Patrick's day was beef and Guinness stew. I need to divide the recipe...there's only so much stew I can eat in a week.

Also did the March Milk Calendar recipe. Not as bad as the February one, but still, it could be better.

Apart from a few take-aways, can't remember what else I made, apart from this weekend.

Yesterday made a caramelised onion pizza with black olives, anchovies and roasted tomatoes.

Today combined Easter Supper with the exbf's birthday, so supper was his choice. His selection was ribs (quelle surprise). So, supper of chicken and ribs, cornbread and roasted potatoes (sweet and Yukon gold) with feta cheese. Dessert was apple crisp with pralines and cream ice cream.


08 March 2008



Snowstorm-induced migraine plagued me yesterday. Cannot remember what, if anything I ate. Feel better today, so did my baking--blueberry buttermilk muffins. Unfortunately, Beelebub is still tempermental, so the bottoms are all burnt. Blah.

Supper was meant to use up a couple of kilos of chicken thighs before they went off...wanted to drop them off in the parent's deep freeze, but the roads are just horrid. Made a recipe from Eat, Shrink and Be Merry, totally avoiding all the goodening of the dish keeping all the lovely fats in.

Have no idea what I'm going to do with all that chicken. Exbf ate some, Beanie will eat some...but still so much left over...


06 March 2008

Eating on the run

Wound up heading into Toronto for an evening meeting-like thing. Ate half a ham and cheese on the way, in hopes that it would stave off the hunger pangs. By the time the session was over, was very hungry. Intended on meeting a very lovely and darling blogger for a snack, but alas work kept our darling puff of cream chained to her desk. Went home, eating the other half sandwich on the way...stopped off at McD's for something very greasy and oddly satisfying...


04 March 2008

Butter Chicken

I researched and read. I even called mum (who was of little help--she's never made it). The results are here, on Cardamom Addict. Still eating it today...one more serving left. May make more and freeze it...if there's room in the freezer.

Yes, the song thing is true. All of a sudden I was overcome by an urge to make and eat Butter Chicken when listening to The Smiths...


01 March 2008

Grocery shopping

I don't know how I did it, but I managed to use up six hours grocery shopping...and only brought home four bags of food, plus two 10 kg sacs of flour.

Did a survey of flour prices -- one shop charged more than $13 for 10 kg! Given I'm used to paying $8-9, I was shocked. I wasn't the only one loading up on flour. I returned to one shop two hours after I first visited it and it looked as if the hoards descended, leaving only the smaller bags.

Too tired to cook when I got home...got Vietnamese takeaway for supper...mmm....love bubble tea.