20 September 2008

Jammy Saturday

The last of the summer fruits have now been preserved. One litre of blueberry jam and 1.5 litres of strawberry. V. yummy.

Also v. tired. Didn't feel like cooking so grabbed a bruschetta from the market and added a few slices fo salami to it. Yum.


15 September 2008

Ike the spike

Well, that' s what I'm calling it.

Air pressures brought on such a headache...not much of an appetite but I ate anyway--lunch was last night's leftovers and supper was half an spinach, bacon and mushroom omelet with cheese (the other half will be sandwich filling for tomorrow's lunch).

Caffeine with acetaminophen usually sorts out a bad headache...this one was a doozy...I kept to the one extra strength tablet, but had three medium coffees. Blah...felt sloshy all day.


14 September 2008

This really is the poor cousin blog, isn't it

Gosh if I ever had a bloggy child that wound up in bloggy therapy about parental abandonment issues this one is the clear winner (or loser).

I'll try and do better.

Tonight's supper was a hodgepodge dinner...shrimp, carrots and bell peppers on rice stick noodles, sauced with a homemade peach-peanut sauce, doctored with ketchup, chillis and soy. Tastes much better than it sounds.