15 October 2008

Turns out election night nibblies are also debate nibblies

Watching the US Presidential candidates debate. Put ditto marks for food from last night to this night.


14 October 2008

Election night vittles

Okay...apart from the DB challenge had very little that could be thought of as food tonight.

Discovered sour cream and dill chips...very good...dipped in low fat, but high sugar, asiago and artichoke dip. Ice Cream with caramel sauce.


12 October 2008

Thanksgiving lunch

A day early but it's better this way.

Full turkey lunch at my parents--turkey, stuffing, mash, corn, carrots, bean salad, cranberry jelly. Made a sweet potato pie for dessert.

Enough food for 10...there were four of us...lots of leftovers


05 October 2008

I should really count how many times I apologise for neglecting this blog

Add a +1 to that tally.

For a project, which will be discussed later, I wound up making 4kg of potatoes au gratin. My big problem is that I just throw things together and don't really measure....but I needed to sort out exactly what I do and take extra care to make it replicatable. I think I succeeded.

To go with all those potatoes: porkchops in a satay-like sauce and braised broccolini with mushrooms.