29 May 2008

Sausage and potato bake

Have been thinking of this all day...Incredibly simple and totally devoid of veggies. Oh well.

That said, my surrogate sister showed up with a box of ramps and rhubarb from her property along with her very own mapel syrup...am very excited to do things with them...


28 May 2008

Not cooking today

Found some of the good Jamaican patties in the freezer. Unfortunately, I over nuked it and wound up with something very hard and burnt in places. Oh well. May need to nibble on something later...need something more...

Took half the Opéra to the office--they finished off for me.


27 May 2008

More cookbook reviewing

I'm so behind in the current book. Made the requisite soup. V. good. Hope to have the review up int he next 10 days on CA.

Also finished the May DB challenge. It turned out quite nicely but OH SO SWEET.


25 May 2008

Hamburger day at Harvey's

I guess last year's day was successful and they brought it back this year. Well, it was successful as far as I'm concerned--it reminded me that they exist and I've eaten there a few times in the past year. Well...it helps that the..ummm..skanky...one closed down several months ago. Hated going in there...so I stopped. There's a much nicer one about 10 minutes from my new place so it was a more pleasant experience.

Free hamburger (mine had lettuce, onions, relish, ketchup, mustard, mayo, pickles and hot peppers), a small pop and then split a poutine.

Wow...that was a lot for lunch.

Still full. Had a scoop of banana-fudge ice cream for supper...had to have something.


24 May 2008

Cheater's Risotto

I heard of a makeshift risotto a while back...super easy and no-stirring. It was also supposed to take about 3/4 the time of real risotto.

I tried it.

It took more time and just as much effort as real risotto.

It was horrible.

Won't be doing that again.

I still have two, maybe three servings left.


19 May 2008

Holiday eating

Normally I love long weekends as it gives me a chance to do a lot of cookings--bulk cooking, meals that take a long time to prepare, cookies, cakes..

For some reason, I did very, very little real cooking this weekend.

Friday: poached egg with fried mushrooms, a slice of ham and a potato pancake with a toasted English muffin (all but the poached egg were leftovers).

Saturday: beef nachos--sauteed 500gs of ground beef with a chilli seasoning packet, then nuked it with cheese and onions on tortilla chips.

Sunday: put my back out mopping, so had some Buffalo wings that were in the freezer. Oh, also made the Victoria Sponge.

Today: Blueberry scones for tea with a new friend. Supper was chicken (in an experimental--buy yummy maple-Dijon-chili marinade), stir fried broccoli and carrots with rice.


15 May 2008

Breakfast for supper

It's been ages since I had pancakes. The situation has been rectified. Unfortunately, I forgot to add melted butter to the batter. Surprisingly enough, it didn't impair the final product too badly (is that a good sign or a bad sign?).

Made some potato pancakes as well, as well as back bacon.

Very happy.


11 May 2008

Curry con Bolognese

It started as chili and then turned into a curry and finished as a bolognese.

Not bad...may need to work on this...


07 May 2008


Ever since I was little I've disliked hot dogs. Sure, I ate them when offered, but I really dislike their taste and smell. Plus, well, my tum doesn't like them...

This week I had an odd craving for them. It makes no sense to me. Oh well, found some in my parents' freezer (I was NOT going to buy some). Made mac'n'cheese with weenie bits.

I still dislike hot dogs.


04 May 2008

Finally did it

Decided to tackle Dories' Perfect Party Cake again, but "tested" it with AP, my regular cake and pastry flour and the Swans Down she uses.

Either I'm doing something wrong or there's something amiss in the recipe


02 May 2008

Winging it

I think I've decided that Friday nights I have no interest in actually making food, just eating it. Or something that's reminiscent of food.

The cheapygrocers had a kilo of frozen, precooked Buffalo Wings for $10. Paired a half-dozen wings with carrot sticks...

Just what I needed.