31 May 2009

Roast dinner

My hormones are at play. Opened up the freezer and took out the first piece of red meat I saw--a baby prime rib roast (less than 1kg). It's dainty size allowed me to pan sear the two main sides and then pop it into the oven. I don't think I'll do roasts "the usual way" again after this. This is the new usual way.

Peppercorn and garlic encrusted roast,
Chunky chips
Red wine and onion sauce


24 May 2009

Yes, it has been a while

One would think that I'd be able to keep two blogs going at once...along with all the other things I do.

Apparently not.

Oh well.

There's no way I can get caught up in missed meals, so I'm starting this one ... again.

So here goes...

Chicken enchiladas.

I'd started out wanting something Moroccan or Proven├žale. But I think the TV programme I had running in the background took over and it turned into enchiladas. Have never made them before...quite easy and quite good.

They may appear on CA at some point.