22 October 2006

Nursing a cold

This is a nasty bug. It's settled into my chest like a bad party guest who is immune to the subtle and not-so-subtle hints that he should leave...is still on the couch. I have as much energy as a dust mote.

But I must get into the kitchen today. I am very tired of subsisting on stale raisin bread and orange juice when at home. While away last week, I dined on fine and passable meals, but I need something easy...and soft...and sweet. Out came the bowl and in dumped flour, eggs, blueberries, milk, baking powder and out poured blueberry pancakes. I don't think I should have made the back bacon...it tasted off.

Need to finish up the recipe reviewing. I so desperately want to make so many things from this book, but I know I won' get them all done.

The cats are still unhappy about Mousie's disposal. Given they have walnut-sized brains, I'd have thought my feline friends would have forgotten about him by now. Makes me wonder if they are the ones who let him in in the first place.