01 October 2006

Oven-roasted goodness

It's cooling down again. The skies, although bright, are grey. It's also raining a bit--spits and spats. Today feels like October...which is good, because it is October.

I don't know why but on Sundays my main meal seems to be lunch. Today it's porkchops slathered in a spicybarbeque sauce, baked in the oven along side potatoes tossed in olive oil and spiced with salt, pepper and coriander. Steamed veg accompanies. It's good, simple and a bit heartier than I've been having lately.

Supper is the above, but a smaller portion. I've made the oven-roasted ratatouille--it's aromas are permeating everything. I've made too much of it (if that's possible) and I had to split it into two baking dishes. I'll be eating it for a few days. Am thinking of picking up some puff pastry and rolling the leftovers into a struedel. I think, given my time (and lack thereof), I'll use this for my CBBP2 entry.

Mousie is awol. Neither the peanut butter nor the bacon fat have been nibbled. Chances are it found some other food store...the cats are useless beings when it comes to these things. For all I know, they are hiding mousie.