11 January 2009

Cold weather food

It's not a particularly hard winter-not at all comparable to last year's January (at least not yet). But still, it's perfect slow cooking weather...pottering in the kitchen while doing some bulk cooking, Beelzebub's gaping maw turning out baked goods.

Cornbread muffins


10 January 2009

Gone Fishing

Almost the exact opposite to yesterday. Found myself craving fish in a big way; the grocer's sushi counter sufficed. So very addicted to seaweed salad. Next to the sushi bar is the fish counter. They had lovely-looking catfish in the case and I bought some. Far too much (in quantity and cost)...have frozen three filets for later use.

California Roll with brown rice
Seaweed salad

Catfish fingers with garlic aioli


09 January 2009

Hormonal eating

Truly. Seriously.

The mere fact I've entitled this post as I have, is the pudding for which the proof is evident that I have no scruples when it comes to talking of such issues. Desperately need salt and meat. Red meat. Something must die to make my gullet and internal chemistry happy.

The second half of last night's chicken parm sandwich, supplemented with
Spicy fries, slathered in gravy from the caf.

Quarter pounder McValue Meal with root beer as the beverage of choice.


08 January 2009

I can't believe people can eat the whole thing

Worked a bit later than usual and needed to be on an evening call, so no real time to cook. Stopped off at the grocery store adn picked up a chicken parm sandwich. Good Gawd it's HUGE. Could only get through half of it for supper. The rest will be kept for tomorrow's lunch


06 January 2009

Breakfast for supper

Before she left, Mum left me uncurried spinach curry. Decided that I needed a break from New Year's leftovers and did up some eggs and toast for supper (and tomorrow's lunch).

Spinachy egg scramble
Hot, buttered toast with orange marmelade


01 January 2009

New Year's Feast

Christmas is always Canadian food: the turkey, stuffing, gravy yaddayaddayadda. New Years is always Indian food. This year the menu was scaled back considerably...which is good because there's always too much food. Still, lots of leftovers.

Vegetable biryani
Spinach curry
Broccoli something (ew).
Fish (salty)
Butter chicken (which I made last night)
Apple crisp