29 June 2009


It makes no sense to me, but my father's favourite Canadian food is KFC. Yes. I know. I know that too. And that as well. Each family celebration (save for the big ones--Thanksgiving, Christmas, my mum's and my birthdays) we always get a bucket o' Kentucky duck in (or as we call it "chuckychucky"--when I was little I couldn't say "Kentucky"and it came out as "chuckychucky"). My parents are back from their trip. A bucket of chicken was bought. My tummy wonders why I'm punishing it.

Potato Salad (from the grocer's)
Bean Salad (from the grocer's)
Potato wedges (home made)


27 June 2009

Daring Bakers: I'm hosting

I knew my time would come and it is now.

Read about what I and my lovely cohostess Annemarie of Ambrosia and Nectar set as our challenge here.

Quite the experience hosting these things. The usual lot of sparkly snowflakes and people who complain because there's an element they don't like (almonds, pastry, an inability to follow directions) but the overwhelming positive reactions to the challenge more than make up for that lot.


24 June 2009

Spinach omelet wrap

Good gravy, what more can come my way?

In no mood to deal with cooking; thank goodness I have leftover fillings from the lasagne.

One beaten egg with some of the bacon-spinach filling. Squidgily cooked before laying it on the flax wrap with some cheddar...v satisfying.


21 June 2009

Veggie Lasagne

I know I made pasta sheets for a previous DB challenge, but I'm lazy. Out came the box of whole wheat pasta sheets and the bechamel recipe from the challenge. One layer was spinach and bacon, the other sautéed mushrooms. A few spoons of the last of my canned tomatoes. Nummy.


19 June 2009

Unhappy tummy

Why oh why do I eat from the office cafeteria?

When oh when will I learn my lesson?


18 June 2009

Heh...I can be mean when I want to...

Sent a photo to The Swordsman illustrating the dinner he bailed out on this past Saturday.

Not the best bit of food porn...we'll see what the reaction is.


13 June 2009

The dinner that wasn't

We tried to get together for supper, but it wasn't meant to be. The Swordsman is just too exhausted.

Oven bbqed chicken and corn pudding.
Peach cobbler


04 June 2009

Pot luck lunch

Good gravy. If you are going to have the nerve to graze at a pot luck, you need to bring food...you don't even have to make it yourself--the grocery store has prepared salads and veggie platters. The basket of candy you keep at your desk is NOT a pot luck contribution.

Soba noodle salad with seared tofu (mine)
Greek salad
various cheeses, cured meat
various dips with breads
chicken pasta
chicken in a slow cooker
lots of chocolate desserts
rhubarb cobbler