31 October 2006


Far too busy a week.

Am surviving on omelettes and meals I've frozen eons ago. This weekend's bakefest was alluded to by Mr. Bean: three loaves of raisin bread, some cookbook testing-reviewing and of course Hallowe'en treats for the office. I will say that I'm quite happy with the way my Hallowe'en treats came out. I'll blog about them soon--hopefully tonight--on Cardamom Addict.

Baking these goodies reminded me of when people would hand out home-made treats around here. It's not that long ago when people stopped. Unfortunately with accidental (and purposeful) tainting, mini chocolate bars and chips and pop and whatnots are now the preferred "treats."

As we rarely get trick-or-treaters, only one bag of Twix bars is in the house. I am looking for a sentimental favourite in the stores, though. Cannot find any of the mollasses toffees (Hallowe'en kisses) this year--I thought they were a staple at this time of year. Was at the TFE's grocery store last night--noticed the only things left in the candy aisle were raisins, Kraft caramels and plain chips.

Edit: Here's the Hallowe'en treat post: http://cardamomaddict.blogspot.com/2006/10/me-all-halloweeny-2006.html