28 February 2008

Buzz buzz buzz

I think I'm vibrating.

Two cups of coffee (lately I've not had any)
A fresh apple fritter, dusted in cinamon sugar.
Birthday cake
Three Timbits.


Did the only thing I could to combat that.

Salt and grease. Went to A&W, got their sirloin burger (okay) and poutine.

Feeling a little more salt-sugar balance now...


25 February 2008

Fending something off

Have been shivering for more than a day. Think my inability to sit and rest is catching up with me. Chilli peppers usually do the trick...hot wings for supper.

Don't think it will do much good this time...


24 February 2008

Sunday Supper

Feel really productive for only being in the kitchen for a couple of hours.

Did Nigella's breakfast bars, substituting almonds for peanuts. Have breakfast for about two weeks now. Thank goodness.

Also made porkchops, gratineed potatoes with mushrooms and onions, and roasted tomatoes. Now have meals for a couple of days (yay). Dessert was the last of the cherry ice cream with the crumbles from the breakfast bars.

Wanted to make an apple pie, but was too tired. Vegged out on the couch for the first time in ages...Hagia was pleased with the petting time.


23 February 2008

Rolling down the aisles

Spent far too much time in the shops yesterday and totally blew my budget at the same time. Sigh...at least the pantry is not as anaemic as it's been as of late. Unfortunately I'm storing some of the bare essentials in the dining room as I've run out fo shelf space. Just inefficient use, j'spose.

Anyway, while I was looking for brown sugar overheard the following:

Guy: I need some raspberry vinegar.

Gal he's with: Why would you need that?

Guy: For salads.

Chickie, who probably thinks iceberg is the be-all and end-all of salad leaves: Why would you want raspberries in your salad?

Guy, who obviously knows something about food: <> Do you see the peanut oil?

Gal, in an exasperated tone: And what do you need that for?

Guy, with more patience than I'd let on: For the deep fryer.

Gal, who probably thinks Velveeta is real cheese: What? Why can't you just use vegetable oil like everyone else?

He's definitely not with her for her culinary skills...


21 February 2008

Midweek treat

The charity shop removal van came this morning for some of Michael's things--furniture and kitchenware I can't use. Because the guys only work mornings, I worked from home (and got a lot of things done). Decided because I could actually do this, to have fresh pizza for supper.

Made the dough before I headed out the door. Came home six hours later to a lovely, soft dough. Topped it with the last of the jarred spaghetty sauce, some crispy bits of bacon, onions, mushrooms and mozz.


19 February 2008

The price of flour is going up

The farmers and millers should at least break even, yes...but it's the trickle down aspect...by the time we pay for a loaf or something in the shops...

Sigh...Maybe I'll buy a few 20kg bags now and put off the price hike on the staple.

Comiserated over leftover-filled quesadillas.


18 February 2008

Cooking for another event

Which of course means I can't write about it.

It was good though :)

Hope to post about it on CA sometime next week.

17 February 2008

Banquet Burgers

Had the oddest craving today. All of a sudden, I wanted a great big banquet burger. Hadn't thought of those in years. I probably last had one when the exbf and I were still together...and we broke up what...a dozen years ago.

Anyway, had most of the fixings--and all the ones that count, IMO: real cheese, bacon, burger, mushrooms, onions...

Filling it was. Probably fodder for a Canadian food series I've been mulling over.


11 February 2008

-30C with the windchill

That's what the weathergirl told me when I woke up.

That's flipping cold.

Came home from work--still cold, but not that cold--tired, lazy and hungry.

Opened a tin of New England clam chowder. Will polish off one (maybe two) of the doughnuts I made yesterday for Tartelette's "Time to Bake the Doughnuts" event. They turned out much better than I thought. Don't have a phobia of deep fat frying, but I hate the smell of frying oil. Could never work in a chippy because of that.


10 February 2008

Me and Corrie and brekkie

Sundays have become bacon day around here. Probably wise as I could probably go through a third of a packet a night.

Anyway...I'm sitting in front of the TV, CBC's Coronation Street on (via West Coast feed), with a cup of coffee, a plate full of bacon, mushrooms and the last of the gingerbread waffles.

Was to head over to my mum and dad's to complete the next DB challlenge...all I'll say is it's a time-intensive one this time around, and if I start now, I won't be done until about 9ish tonight. Will do this next weekend.


06 February 2008

Waffles for Pancake Tuesday

connectivity issues prevented timely postings...sigh...

To see part of last night's supper, read today's Cardamom Addict Post.

The rest was:
scrambled eggs, fried mushrooms, sausage and tomato relish. The candied bacon was an utter failure.


03 February 2008

Beelzebub gets a workout

Now that things have settled a bit, I'm sort of settled back into my Sunday groove. After getting caught up with Coronation Street, I spent the afternoon in the kitchen.

It's been ages since I last made pizza, so I rectified it. The dough was my standard, but it didn't turn out that well--took forever to rise,and it didn't rise by much. Mind you, didn't use the usual yeast--didn't find it at the new grocery of choice. Only bought a three-pack to try it out. Not impressed, but will continue to use it until it's all gone...then will return to my brand of choice. Anyway, wound up with a thin-crust--would have liked a little more softness to it. Oh well. Topped with bruschetta, red capsicum, red onions, mushrooms, kielbasa and mozz.

Let far too much milk spoil this week--very odd since I usually run out a day or two before my weekly shop. Anyway, it was only a day off--used it in a cake, instead of buttermilk. Adapted an Alton Brown chocolate cake recipe--turned out well.

The last thing didn't use Beelzebub--prepped some pie pastry. Will make an apple pie tomorrow for a sick colleague. Hope it turns out. The pastry didn't feel right--maybe the fat was too warm. Will see tomorrow.


02 February 2008

Stale cookies and warm milk

Am starting my Lost series three recap marathon.

Well, not a true marthon, but it's pretty much all I'll be watching for the next few nights...except maybe Tuesday--such a political junkie..

Anyway, need some snackie foods. Forgot about some cookies I brought home from a work training session on Tuesday. A little stale (which in a weird way makes them taste better than when they were fresh), but with warm milk all is good...or at least adequate.