28 April 2008

12-hour fast


Normally I'm NOT hungry, but if I know I'm not allowed to eat or drink I get hungry or thirsty...really hungry or thirsty.

The insurance company wants my vitals tomorrow morning before they say yea or nay to a new insurance policy. So...as fo 45 minutes ago, I've stopped eating and drinking...

My last meal? Fried eggs with bruschetta topping and chili sauce and toasted wholemeal bread with butter. Was still hungry afterwards...had a little mug of warm milk (always stops hunger) and two cookies.


27 April 2008


I think...

I try hard not to waste food or buy more than I can eat before it goes off. Lately I've not been too successful, but I guess agflation has given me a little more of a boost to mend my ways.

Had a chunk of salami in the fridge that's due in a few days, so I decided on pizza. Unfortunately, my dough didn't turn out as well as it usually does--too much flour, I think--so I decided to roll up all the fillings --tomato sauce, cheese, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers and salami. Worked out really nicely--was a lot more filling than I expected...which is fine, I guess.


26 April 2008

DB challenge and penne quills

Wasn't sure if I could participate, but I needed to take my mind off things so I rolled up my sleeves and completed this month's DB Challenge...which is good because it's "due" on the 27th...posted on Cardamom Addict.

Supper was hunter's stew kinda meal. Wholewheat penne quills sauced in bruschetta topping, hot pepper rings and some leftover chickpea and black bean salad. Not wonderful, but not horrid.



22 April 2008

For a reason that escapes my logic...

...you mark your workaversary (and every other event) by bringing in your own treats...people don't bring them in for you, you have to provide them to others.

Highly unfair as there are several moochers...Doubly unfair for me as I get calls wondering why they weren't told I was bringing in (homemade) treats...my response should be "And who are you? Have we met?" since the calls usually come from people who desperately want to be on "the" list...

I guess I should consider it a compliment--kinda like being keeper of the guest list of "the" club or having a regular table at a swanky restaurant that so I can just bypass the queue and and start gnawing away at something....

Anyway...tomorrow is the workaversary (number seven). Made 10 dozen cookies--half are butterscotch pecan, the other half are Nutella chocolate chip. Recipes to be posted on Cardamom Addict later.

Oh, not all the cookies will go to the office...am holding back about 60 per cent....


20 April 2008

"It was piggie of me...but I do not regret it."

I so wish I could really blog about the latest offering from a publisher before I put the review post up. Yeah, it's my rule and no one else's...so it's my own fault.

Okay...so you'll know this about the book: there's a jerk pork and a bean salad recipe. Also served the corn pudding, some fried onions and rice with them. Dessert is an apple crumble...or is it a crisp? Don't know the difference.

Anyway, from the exbf:

"You know, I really wanted seconds, so I got some. It was piggie of me, I know, but I do not regret it."

I guess dinner was a winner.


19 April 2008

Best laid plans

Never try and cook while migraining. Nice weather brought bad air pressure.

Gave up on the original plan of jerk pork with bean salad and corn pudding (that will be tomorrow).

Made pizza (I can do the dough in my sleep). Also made the corn pudding as I realised I could do it for Taste of Yellow.


14 April 2008

Weird bug

I feel as if I have the stomach flu. But am not...umm...releasing stomach (or other) contents. My body just aches. Am so tired. My eyes are burning and my throat is sore. Probably remnants of the boat load of stresses and the foul mood from the other day.

The exbf took pity on me and bought me some sweet and sour soup from the Chinese restaurant near my parents' place. It's very good...but not as spicy as I remember.

He's eating the left over chicken supper, btw...


13 April 2008

Sunday roasted chicken supper

Decided to practise my chicken jointing skills today. It's been a while since I used them. Besides, the chicken cooks faster when its in pieces, as opposed to whole

Nothing too out there--salt, pepper and thyme. Placed the chicken over sliced fennel. Love fennel braised in chickenny goodness. The potatoes didn't fair very well...tossed them because they were really meally. Made some rice instead. Also some peas.

Dessert was the last offering of the latest cookbook to be reviewed. V good, but sweet....


10 April 2008

Too tired to cook

Not exactly sure why, but I woke up at about 2am and didn't get back to sleep until 5:30...or 6:30am. Needless to say not enough sleep was had. I really shouldn't have been driving, but I did. Decided at the end of the day I shouldn't be cooking.

Dinner was Chinese takeaway...sweet & sour pork, those really thick noodles, broccoli beef and spring rolls.


08 April 2008

&(*?%*&*(?% mood


It's amazing what some people get away with.

I do believe in karma. I do believe in karma. I do believe in karma. I do believe in karma. I do believe in karma. I do believe in karma.

Would take solace in food, but alas, my comfort eating staples are lacking at the present time.

Made due with pizza, bacon-flavoured crips and a can of cola--not even the type I really like, but my dad left me a case before he left...and I normally don't keep any pop in the house.



06 April 2008

Jambalaya-ish pasta

I've finally gotten the horrid taste of the dairy calendar's jambalaya calendar off my tongue.

But I still have a bottle of cajun seasoning. Looked in my fridge and it was definitely time to use the last of the kielbasa, so decided to make a jambalaya-ish pasta.

Yellow and red capsicums
the last of the jarred tomato sauce
hot pepper rings

Much more succesful than the easy jambalaya

05 April 2008

Maple Syrup...

Went off to the Maple Syrup festival yesterday. Didn't see as many syrup vendors as I usually do, probably because of the temps. Was able to get a couple of litres of Number Two, but absolutey none of the Number Three.

Not a veggie in sight--Breakfast was a large Timmies and a choco mint doughnut; Second breakfast was the pancake breakfast (oh YUMYUMYUM), lunch was a back bacon sandwich. Supper was a burger and bacon-flavoured crisps with cookies and cream ice cream for dessert.