26 March 2007

Feeding the four-footed beasties...

Given the cat food recall going on right now, I'm wondering what it is I can feed my darling little kitties. I've been buying the stuff branded for the bigscarymegamart, but now that the manufacturer has expanded their recall, I've switched back to what the vet sells...at least for now.

I know...not people food...but it's stuff I'm feeding the little furry ones...


19 March 2007

Here comes the birthday boy

Yesterday was the exbf's birthday (yay him!). Normally we head out to a restaurant of his choice to celebrate. Not this year.

His request was for me to make him the supper of his choice. And his choice? Barbecued ribs. I've only ever made them once before (a few weeks ago) and apparently he really liked them. He also asked for my mum's corn fritters. Which meant I had to call India. Nottaproblem, I usually call once every week or two. I must admit, because of everything else in my life right now, I went to the bigscarymegamart and picked up some coleslaw and potato salad.

His birthday cake? Well, I must admit I vetoed his first two wishes for much the same reason. He wanted a shoo-fly pie and then waxed lyrically about a Cadbury Creme Egg cake (not a cake with little eggs on it, but a cake made of fondant, held together by a chocolate shell). I, of course, get migraines from working with that much sugar, so I said "no." He flipped through Dorie's book and chose the chocolate chunk devil's food cake with marshmallow icing. I have to say that mine looked nowhere near as good as hers, but I've never been good at making big fluffy cakes.

We ate like little piggies and then had a humongous sugar high for hours...it was all good.


10 March 2007


Last night The Fussy Eater and I headed out to Wilfrid Laurier University to hear the great Stephen Lewis speak. Laurier's student PIRG is hosting a weekend-long conference and secured Mr. Lewis for an evening. I was amazing--a gifted orator whose insight into world affairs is amazing. There are very few people who can keep 1500 people of all ages entranced for an hour and a half. Afterwards he signed copies of his book, Race Against Time--I brought my copy and he mentioned how nice it was to see the older cover (it's since been re-designed)--tee hee...If you don't know him, I suggest you visit his Foundation's web site to get more information.

Anyway...given time constraints, TFE and I decided to have supper at a Chinese restaurant across the street from WLU. Being Lent, I had the cashew shrimp and the aubergines with garlic and chillies. Being foods that contained shrimp and aubergine, which TFE won't eat, I had the dishes all to myself. Lots of leftovers...

Tonight I added some skinny-skinny rice noodles to the shrimp dish, along with some other flavours. Very nummy. I've enough of each dish for two more servings.

Am finishing up the last recipe to try for Canada Eats. A pie is in the oven and the place smells amazing....


04 March 2007

Has it really been that long since I last updated?


One week of computer woes and a whole lot of things to do...means this blog gets neglected.

Okay...where to begin...

Ate out *a lot* -- three Chinese New Years, a night at the pub, lots of takeaway. Made ribs, soup, pizza, cornbread..well...a cross between cornbread and corn pudding...

Got very frustrated grocery shopping--poor-quality produce, torn bags of flour and shoppers who were oblivious to others pushing trolleys...

I think that sums things up for the past two weeks...


01 March 2007

To drive the cold winter away

I always assume if I know about any sort of storm, it either won't show up or it won't be as terrible as the weather forecasters try to make it seem.

This morning's radio show rattled off a long list of school buses that weren't running, delayed trains and schools that gave their children snow days. Quite honestly, I thought it could go one of two ways: the storm wouldn't be as voracious as the traditionally over-reactive radio personalities would want us to believe, or it would be really, really bad.

Well...the roads got bad. We were told to use our judgement about staying in the office...I made a few calls, changed my voice mail and left a couple of hours early. It's a good thing I did--my usual 15 minute drive took more than 45: trucks were slipping, people weren't able to stop safely.

More-than-ankle-deep drifts tipped into my boots with every step. I've been home for three hours and I've shovelled more than once. Snow made way for tickaticka ice pellets and soon freezing rain will appear. Winds are rattling windows and doors. Tomorrow will not be fun.

This is perfect soup weather.

I'm in the midst of trying out recipes for my next
Canada Eats cookery book review. And I found the perfect soup, in the words of Loreena McKennitt, to drive the cold winter away: bowls of broth, ladened with kale, bok choy and Asian noodles, spiked with chillies and flavoured with nam pla and honey. Served boiling hot, it's a perfect meal.