07 October 2006

Behold the wondrous Greening

Apple pie day today. Went to the market and bought about five kilos of apples for a total of about $10. Talked to a small grower who had a variety I'd read about but never saw in the stores. Among other types, she grows Greenings (which she calls Granny Greenings). They look an awful lot like Granny Smiths--small and green--and they are similar to Granny Smiths --tart and good in pies--but they aren't as puckering. Don't think many local growers have them. She also grows Cox Orange Pippins, but I've missed them by about two weeks. This year's crop wasn't the greatest, thanks to the rains, so I will have to wait for a year or so. From her, I bought the Greenings and some little Golden Delicious. Went to Martins and picked up some Honey Crisp and Galas as well. A mixed apple tart is always more pleasing than a mass from a single variety.

I don't know what got into me, but after making a decent pastry the other week, I decided to fiddle with the recipe. In hindsight I probably shouldn't have. I'm sure it will be fine--won't know until tomorrow. I wound up using half the apples to make a giant, 10" deep dish pie. I barely had enough pastry for the pie. The top of the coffin collapsed, leaving the little ceramic pie-vent bird nekked to the world. Poor little thing.

Just finished creating a new ice cream -- honey-cinnamon. It worked out rather well. Not cloying, as I often find honeyed puddings, but subtly sweet with a good, nutty cinnamon flavour. It is the colour of milky coffee. It's a perfect compliment to the pie. Not sure if I'd have it on it's own. The flavour is fine, but not sure if it can hold it's own...it needs to be part of a mutual admiration society of sort.

Was guest chef at TFE's for supper. Recipe testing for the next Canada Eats review. Everything turned out very well. I have one more dish to make up and then I'm done with this book (apart from writing the review, that is).