30 July 2007

My Darling One. My Love.

My Darling One. My Love.

Michael, here known as The Fussy Eater, passed away on Thursday 26 July 2007. It was sudden and totally unexpected. He was 40 years old.

He was my biggest fan, my most ardent supporter, and he loved me unconditionally. He was so giving, so kind, and so good to me. I don't know what I did to deserve having such a wonderful person's life intertwine with mine. We re-connected more than three years ago, and have been inseparable ever since. Until now.

I miss you so much. I hope you know how much I love you.


A very special thank you to Alanna, Birdie, Elisa, Elise, Heather, Jeannie and Aaron, Jory, Kalyn, Ruth, Shuna, Susan and everyone else at BlogHer who in their own ways helped me this past weekend.

To my readers: I need some time, and I don't know how much. I hope you understand.

16 July 2007

The weather's cooled down

So by special request, pizza is made. Two pizzas, to be exact.

One: Italian sausage, roasted peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes (and cheese and onions and garlic)

Two: Roasted peppers and aubergines, spinach, mushrooms, grilled courgettes and leftover sausage (and cheese and onions and garlic).

Yumm...played around with the gluten content in the dough --2/3 strong flour + 1/3 plain flour seems to be a good way to go...

These will show up on Cardamom Addict after Blogher.


03 July 2007

No, I haven't been cooking much over the past month

All my real life commitments took over my life, leaving me little time to blog or cook.

In fact, these are all the things I can remember cooking:
Chicken stir fry and pot stickers
Chili that was later turned to cottage pie
Bagels for the Daring Bakers thingie

The rest was bought:
grocery store sushi
grocery store seaweed salad
dim sum
really scary things the office caf "made"
dinners out
takeaway Chinese
takeaway Vietnamese
pizza slices
fast food salads

Oh, and I ate a lot of grapes...lots and lots of grapes.