27 April 2007

Easy food

If you read Cardamom Addict, you know that my computer was out of commission for more than a week.

Unfortunately this week, my tum has been really off this week. Risotto is good. Meat is bad.

Tonight's supper is pasta in tomato sauce...


11 April 2007

Easter Supper aftermath

For once I didn't have loads and loads of food leftover from Easter. If you haven't seen what we (TFE, the exbf and I) had, click here.

Anyway I took Easter Monday off and pretty much survived on sandwiches. The gourmet shop brought back the Parisian ham I so adore, so on Saturday I bought some along with some smoked gouda--that was lunch. Supper was a veggie burger. Yesterday I decided to use up some of the Easter leftovers. I had some chicken legs with backs attached in the freezer, so I roasted them--butter, s&p and rosemary, with a squeeze of lemon. Beanie even got some.

Today I'm not faring so well. Upset tum (the chicken was fattier than usual), and I gave in to some delicious-looking lasagna at the caf...supper is ginger ale.



03 April 2007

I haven't cooked in days...

...probably since last Thursday...and I can't remember what I made then.

Friday was supper on the go...but I did make a squidgey chocolate loaf for a friend.

Saturday started off with some experimental ice cream for the same friend. Lunch was on the go and supper was party nibblies.

Sunday was brunch at a nice little local restaurant and supper provided by TFE.

Yesterday I baked some fish...then realized the potatoes weren't fit for human consumption. found a few salad leaves. Also put a few bananas out of their misery...

Today I made a stir fry--one of those kitchen-sink deals: chicken, broccoli, onions, carrots, red bell pepper, wiggly noodles, black bean and passionfruit sauces. Not bad.