19 September 2006

Well-risen dough

The mercury dropped nine degrees since yesterday. It's cool in here today--not so cool as to turn up the thermostat, but cool enough to turn on the oven. Mushrooms are languishing in the fridge and the red capsicum will need to be used up. Today is a pizza day. Since travelling to Italy, I've preferred thin crusted and sparsely, but flavourfully topped pizzas. Not today. I want something heartier, but meatless. On top of the thickly-patted, well-risen dough is spooned tomato sauce, mozz, sliced tomatoes, mushrooms, red capsicum, fresh jalepenos, onions and green olives; olive oil, salt and pepper finish it off. There's lots of pizza left over. Not sure if I'll freeze it or have it as leftovers later.