28 September 2006

Not quite Oktober yet

Sometimes I think of my fridge as a TARDIS--it seems to hold much more than it should....which also means that things can get very lost in it and then mysteriously found...

Today it had some bratwurst. I'm not a fan of it, but I bought it for a brunch, but never made it. The best-by date was fine, so it was braised and served with some roasted potatoes, more of that eggplant and a dollop of very nice sour cream. In a very odd way it was like Oktoberfest...but without the schnitzel, the sauerkraut and the beer...Iand the band.

I think if I get bratwurst again, I'll go to a delicatessen, instead of the megamart. It tasted like a tarted up hotdog. Oh well...the veg more than made up for it.

The mouse is still being fattened up.