20 September 2006

To market, to market...

Today rain accompanies the cold. I should actually say colder weather. I went to one of the weekday farmers' markets. I'm off work this week, and thought it nice to go when I'm not fighting tourist- and 9-5er-filled crowds. To my surprise and relief the ratio of grower to re-seller is pretty much reversed on Wednesdays. I like that. I hate the idea of people with cube vans going to the Ontario Food Terminal and then selling their merchandise at something called a farmers' market. There were a couple of them there today, pretty gruff, not knowing the difference between aubergines and butternut squash.

I didn't buy anything because I didn't really need anything. I just went to window shop, sans windows. Even though everything looked lovely -- carrots all wiggly and plump; whiter than white cauliflower;huge, leafy cabbages, and blushing hot peppers -- what tempted me most were the Niagara peaches. The last of the season: their sweet scent perfuming the air around the table. The grower had a huge basket of them, too huge for me to use up before they spoil. Which is a pity, because I love really ripe peaches. Maybe next year, I'll organize myself a bit better and set aside a week to make peach pies, tarts, cakes and preserves.

Tomorrow I hope to get to the other weekday market. Hopefully it will be a tad warmer and a little less wet.

Cardamom Addict has pictures of today's adventure: