27 September 2006

Warm and spicy

It's coming down in torrents. The end of the street is flooded and there's a wicked wind. A perfect excuse to stay inside.

Tonight's supper is partially scavenged. The boys left some shimp pickle behind from their visit the other week: little, teeny, spicy-lemony shrimp. Found some curried eggplant...can't remember it's real name. It doesn't matter-- all soft and a little sweet and a deep, caramelized brown. The two on their own aren't enough for a meal so a stirfry is made: carrots, cauliflower, mushrooms and beans in a curried sauce, all over (overcooked) vermicelli noodes. Yummy yummy yummy. Leftovers will be tomorrow's lunch.

The mouse is alive and is very much enjoying the peanut butter shmeared on the trap's trigger...