22 September 2006

...to buy a fat...


Went to the other market today. Here's my post on Cardamom Addict. Huge crowds and lots of farmers...and a few resellers. I bought a basket of peaches. They weren't as nice as the ones the guy from St. Catharines had, but they'll do for a pie. I also bought the tastiest strawberries I've had this year, along with raspberries. I foresee a pie in my near future. I also picked up some really lovely shitakes (couldn't resist) and a kilo of chilli peppers for mum. The peppers were quite potent: you could tell they were picked as mature fruit (veg?) and not as young things--mum was quite thrilled...if not a bit dismayed at the quantity I brought her. I swear they must have multiplied in the bag. Had lunch there as well -- perogies and apple fritters--brought back a box of a half dozen.

Also drove out to Elmira to pick up some apple molasses. Unfortunately, none was to be found, but I did find some apple syrup at Kitchen Cuttings.

When I got home, did some therapeutic baking. Since Edna's death I've been going through her books to find something to make. Her butter tarts did the trick. I desperately need to get back into pastry-making form: almost botched the pastry--far too rich, needed more flour. But the filling tasted wonderful.

Edna, Dear Friend and I were supposed to have supper tonight. Instead he and I went to the great Thai place and talked for two hours...about her, him, me, the situation in Thailand and local politics. I gave him some tarts, which he appreciated. He told me that they tasted just like Edna's. A kinder compliment I couldn't have asked for.