23 September 2006

My pastry skills aren't that rusty

Took the exbf grocery shopping today. Went to the butcher for back bacon and then headed out to the big scary mega mart. I didn't need that much-- sandwich fixings, milk and sour cream. It's amazing how unappetising the produce and meats were at the mega mart. I never noticed exactly how many were imports from the US. Regardless, the cabbages and apples and everything else weren't nearly as beautiful as what I saw at the markets this week...probably the decision of a Toronto accountant to lives on frozen food. I wonder why anyone who lives here would buy their fresh produce at the mega mart instead of the market at this time of year. The prices were much, much better at the market too.

Lunch was a restorative bowl of miso broth spiked with a quarter of a minced red chilli and filled out with some dulse that's been sitting in the cupboard for far too long. Totally forgot to add some shitake mushrooms to it. Oh well. It's a teeny bit of balance to all the take-aways and dining out I've done this month.

Spent the afternoon baking. Made a lovely peach pie with the peaches I picked up on Thursday. The crust is actually quite nice. I think I've found my groove. Also made a dozen raspberry muffins as a hostess gift for a friend. She's putting up with me--er--putting me up tomorrow night. Don't want to drive home at midnight from the Clapton concert.

Don't know when I'll actually eat that pie as I'm rushing out the door right now to have supper with TFE and I won't be back until Monday. Let's hope that mouse that's invaded my scullery will have met a natural demise, courtesy of one of the cats.