20 January 2008

Using friends as guinea pigs...again...

I've a small pile of cookery books sent by publishers, hopeful that I'll say something about them on one of my websites. Given the past half-year, I've not been in the mood to review anything and since my cooking hasn't been very successful, I thought it best to wait until the food I made was, well, edible.

Anyway, don't want to tip my hand on the book or the recipes I tried, but I did have a couple of people over--two friends who've been willing to take calls at pretty much any time, day or night. One is currently trying to sort out the study and the wireless connection...it will be a multi-day project, I think.

Anyway, apart from the tested recipes, The main course was a roasted chicken. Nothing fancy: an organic bird, well buttered and seasoned (s&p with thyme), and the top was spritzed with the juice of half an orange. It's gaping void was filled with the same, but also onion, garlic and the other half orange and the rind of the spritzed orange. I then placed the bird on a bed of thickly-sliced sweet onions and then roasted it. Made a sauce from the drippings and then served the roasted onions and garlic as one of the sides.

V. good.