27 January 2008

I am a lady who brunches and lunches

You'd think that since I have a week off from work, I'd be updating these blogs a bit more often.

Being a lady who brunches and lunches took up enough time that I just didn't have time to post. Oh well.

Tuesday had a couple of girlfriends over for a good natter. Of course this meant that the cookbook experimentation continued--thumbs up all around. Apart from the experimentation, sandwiches were served--curried apple and chicken salad on French-style artisinal wedges and Parisienne ham with brie on rosemary foccaccia (made by a newish bakery).

Thursday lunch was brought in by a dear friend...well, delivered. She was going to make a masala chicken, but changed her mind ("It would be like bringing coals to Newcastle"--her words, not mine). About an hour after she arrived, two wondrous pizzas came in--a white pizza with cold bruschetta topping and then a quattro staggione. I could have eaten both all by myself...

Saturday an old friend came in from the Big Smoke for brunch. Unfortunately, I thought he'd be in on Sunday. Which meant I wasn't totally ready. A quick trip to the shops and I picked up some essentials (bread, flour, butter, spices, garlic and maple syrup) and then returned to my kitchen where we made brunch together: gingerbread waffles, fried mushrooms, creamy scrambled eggs. All this was accompanied by some wondrous sausages he brought in from the St. Lawrence Market: lamb w. rosemary and pork w. apricot.