01 July 2009

Newfoundland Fries

The Newfoundland Fries shop is never open when I drive by. Ever.

I wonder how it stays in business.

When they were in their old location there were lots of cars and a line up of fans waiting to get in. But I guess now that they went upscale--out of a trailer and into...a bigger trailer, closer to civilisation...they can afford to not be open.

But they were open today. James and I went in and got supper there. I think he was ripped off--he ordered a large NF fries and ordered small. No discernable difference in volume or weight...he paid 50 per cent more than I. I'm not impressed.

The fries, however were oddly patriotic I suppose...given they originated from the last province to join Confederation, in a hotly contested vote.

Newfoundland fries.