05 July 2009

Cherry Grunt and Pizza

Made a special treat for Annemarie, and posted it here. I find it odd, this practise of creating and posting a dish in honour of someone who will probably never eat that particular instance. I've done it a few times now. It sort of feels like being a tease (which I'm getting practised at with a certain friend, I suppose), but it's not meant to be...

Speaking of whom...he suggested Guinness Chocolate ice cream as a flavour (well he didn't...he said he likes beer and chocolate)...translated it, slightly improving upon David Leibowitz's recipe. Sent the photo over...he's impressed...or he's being polite. Regardless, I am happy I have a tub of it in my freezer.

Anyway, Annemarie and I connected via gTalk today. Got caught up with the man situation...I'm back to 0...I think. I say I think because who knows what's really going on. Except that one would like to be a "friend with with benefits"--sans friendship (I think). For a smart boy, this one doesn't let the brain that got him his Masters do the thinking.

Tried a new recipe for pizza dough today. I quite like it--focaccia-like. I need a new pan, though...poured the dough onto a pan lined with tin foil. After baking it was a bugger to pry the silvery leaves off the back of he pie.

Pizza with hot salami, onions, bell peppers an mushrooms.
Cherry Grunt