23 March 2008

Yes, I have been eating

Just not writing about it--too many other things on the go.

Let's see..

St. Patrick's day was beef and Guinness stew. I need to divide the recipe...there's only so much stew I can eat in a week.

Also did the March Milk Calendar recipe. Not as bad as the February one, but still, it could be better.

Apart from a few take-aways, can't remember what else I made, apart from this weekend.

Yesterday made a caramelised onion pizza with black olives, anchovies and roasted tomatoes.

Today combined Easter Supper with the exbf's birthday, so supper was his choice. His selection was ribs (quelle surprise). So, supper of chicken and ribs, cornbread and roasted potatoes (sweet and Yukon gold) with feta cheese. Dessert was apple crisp with pralines and cream ice cream.