30 March 2008

Enough takeaway

I've pretty much lived on takeaway since Friday.

Friday lunch was spent with two work friends at a very yummy dimsum buffet. Lots of goodies--nuclear orange chicken (or pork??), siu mai, black bean aubergines, noodoes, spring rools, broccoli, beef and onions. For supper, decided to head out with a friend. We saw the new Simon Pegg movie (Run, Fat Boy, Run) but as we wanted to see the early show, we ate in the food court. New York Fries with the works. It's been years since I had that. Not quite to my memory, but still okay.

Spent Saturday running about. At the end of my shopping (2pm) was so hungry, decided to pick up a sandwich from the grocer's. Not back--chicken caesar with periperi in a wrap. Wolfed it down before heading over to the parents' to do some baking.

Have totally given up on Beelzebub. Got a cookbook from Penguin for posting consideration and completed a cake and some muffins. I'd forgotten what it was like to bake in a reliable oven. Also reminded myself as to what cooking on a gas flame was like. Oh, I so want a gas oven. Slowly working towards it. By the time I was done, it was well past supper time. There isn't a lot of food over there, so on the way home picked up a burger, onion rings and a root beer float from the A&W.

Today will be differnt. Roast beef dinner. Will stud the meat with garlic, and pat the outside with dried mustard, black pepper and flour. Will serve with some carrots and peas and other lovely veg...