07 July 2008

Well, I needed a break...

Okay, if you read Confessions of a Cardamom Addict (the caramel dipped, crispy rice coated apple of my foodblogging life) you know that I was busy with a post-a-day project leading up to Mmm...Canada: the savoury edition. I think I uploaded about three weeks worth of content in a week. As a result, this site took a bit of a hiatus (well, apart from the wonderful post by Gayleen).

Then I needed recovery time.

I did eat...but ironically not entirely well.

The post-a-day week had me relying upon fast food pretty much every night: Harveys a couple of times, Quiznos, McDonalds, KFC and other things I can't remember right now...oh wait there was a Viet take-away one night. And several unsuccessful attempts at getting Newfoundland fries.

Last night's supper was cooking from the next cookbook to be reviewed.

Tonight was supper via mummy. Roast beef with veggies and potatoes. Dessert was an apple crisp with ice cream.

At some point I'll post the grocery purchases...