18 July 2008


Normally I'm pretty good about getting in the right amount of food in for meetings--just a few scraps left--a few cookies, maybe a couple of sandwich halves. Either people weren't hungry, the food was unappetising or a bit of both....well, it is industrial cafeteria food isn't it?

Anyway, a 3/4 day meeting over and a lot of food left over--took it back to my cube and sent out the "free food" call. Funnily enough people came and were disappointed...apparently they thought I'd brought in some home-made goodies and weren't impressed to see industrial caf food. A few people came, saw and left.

The thing is I hate waste. So I picked through the leftovers and brought home the more appetising bits:

Spinach salad with feta, strawberries and red onion
Butter croissants
Two sandwich halves
a box of cookies.

Too bad the baked goods have that horrible preservative taste.