19 May 2008

Holiday eating

Normally I love long weekends as it gives me a chance to do a lot of cookings--bulk cooking, meals that take a long time to prepare, cookies, cakes..

For some reason, I did very, very little real cooking this weekend.

Friday: poached egg with fried mushrooms, a slice of ham and a potato pancake with a toasted English muffin (all but the poached egg were leftovers).

Saturday: beef nachos--sauteed 500gs of ground beef with a chilli seasoning packet, then nuked it with cheese and onions on tortilla chips.

Sunday: put my back out mopping, so had some Buffalo wings that were in the freezer. Oh, also made the Victoria Sponge.

Today: Blueberry scones for tea with a new friend. Supper was chicken (in an experimental--buy yummy maple-Dijon-chili marinade), stir fried broccoli and carrots with rice.