23 February 2008

Rolling down the aisles

Spent far too much time in the shops yesterday and totally blew my budget at the same time. Sigh...at least the pantry is not as anaemic as it's been as of late. Unfortunately I'm storing some of the bare essentials in the dining room as I've run out fo shelf space. Just inefficient use, j'spose.

Anyway, while I was looking for brown sugar overheard the following:

Guy: I need some raspberry vinegar.

Gal he's with: Why would you need that?

Guy: For salads.

Chickie, who probably thinks iceberg is the be-all and end-all of salad leaves: Why would you want raspberries in your salad?

Guy, who obviously knows something about food: <> Do you see the peanut oil?

Gal, in an exasperated tone: And what do you need that for?

Guy, with more patience than I'd let on: For the deep fryer.

Gal, who probably thinks Velveeta is real cheese: What? Why can't you just use vegetable oil like everyone else?

He's definitely not with her for her culinary skills...