03 April 2007

I haven't cooked in days...

...probably since last Thursday...and I can't remember what I made then.

Friday was supper on the go...but I did make a squidgey chocolate loaf for a friend.

Saturday started off with some experimental ice cream for the same friend. Lunch was on the go and supper was party nibblies.

Sunday was brunch at a nice little local restaurant and supper provided by TFE.

Yesterday I baked some fish...then realized the potatoes weren't fit for human consumption. found a few salad leaves. Also put a few bananas out of their misery...

Today I made a stir fry--one of those kitchen-sink deals: chicken, broccoli, onions, carrots, red bell pepper, wiggly noodles, black bean and passionfruit sauces. Not bad.