11 April 2007

Easter Supper aftermath

For once I didn't have loads and loads of food leftover from Easter. If you haven't seen what we (TFE, the exbf and I) had, click here.

Anyway I took Easter Monday off and pretty much survived on sandwiches. The gourmet shop brought back the Parisian ham I so adore, so on Saturday I bought some along with some smoked gouda--that was lunch. Supper was a veggie burger. Yesterday I decided to use up some of the Easter leftovers. I had some chicken legs with backs attached in the freezer, so I roasted them--butter, s&p and rosemary, with a squeeze of lemon. Beanie even got some.

Today I'm not faring so well. Upset tum (the chicken was fattier than usual), and I gave in to some delicious-looking lasagna at the caf...supper is ginger ale.