10 November 2006

Biscuits Biscuits Biscuits

I've not cooked in ages...okay, that's not really true...yes it is...I'm doing a lot of heating up. At best I'm adding a scrambled egg or something...

I've finally had some time in the kitchen and what do I make? Not food per se...but thank you baking. Six dozen biscuits exited the cavern--all but a dozen were given away. After being intrigued with Dorie Greenspan's "World Peace Cookies," I made them...not sure if they'll bring peace to turbulent areas, but they'll definitely calm frazzled nerves and make hungry-rumbly tummies happier. The other type I made were gingersnaps...I think I messed up measuring the butter as they spread out quite a bit...odd, since these are treats I make every Christmas without problems.

After the oven cooled, I heard the familiar scrabbling of little claws. Mousie's brethren. Not surprised as the weather has been warm and cold and warm and cold. I have no idea how they're getting in, but I know how they're getting out.