17 August 2008

Sunday lunch

My parents are still quite pleased about the condo--proof is how they are more than willing to host a lunch at mine. Well, it only makes sense as there's a bit more room for a proper sit-down dinner.

Anyway, they had some family friends in from Toronto and we had lunch here. Mum asked that I take care of dessert--made the August DB challenge, along with blackout cake. She then asked me to take care of the meat--pork chops. Made a char siu-ish marinade that worked out quite well. Will tweak it for some chicken wings to be frozen in portion sizes. Also made curried courgette fritters and garlic aioli. Unfortunately the fritters didn't come out quite well enough and they absorbed a lot of oil, even though the oil was hot enough.

The rest of supper was a veggie biryani and green beans.

Repeat all the above for supper.