10 March 2007


Last night The Fussy Eater and I headed out to Wilfrid Laurier University to hear the great Stephen Lewis speak. Laurier's student PIRG is hosting a weekend-long conference and secured Mr. Lewis for an evening. I was amazing--a gifted orator whose insight into world affairs is amazing. There are very few people who can keep 1500 people of all ages entranced for an hour and a half. Afterwards he signed copies of his book, Race Against Time--I brought my copy and he mentioned how nice it was to see the older cover (it's since been re-designed)--tee hee...If you don't know him, I suggest you visit his Foundation's web site to get more information.

Anyway...given time constraints, TFE and I decided to have supper at a Chinese restaurant across the street from WLU. Being Lent, I had the cashew shrimp and the aubergines with garlic and chillies. Being foods that contained shrimp and aubergine, which TFE won't eat, I had the dishes all to myself. Lots of leftovers...

Tonight I added some skinny-skinny rice noodles to the shrimp dish, along with some other flavours. Very nummy. I've enough of each dish for two more servings.

Am finishing up the last recipe to try for Canada Eats. A pie is in the oven and the place smells amazing....