31 December 2006

December in my kitchen

Okay...now that I have a few moments between things, here's what my kitchen was up to this month...baking for others:

51 dozen cookies and biscuits (assorted)
18 butter tarts
24 mini-fruitcakes
A heckuvalot of hard sauce
about 500 g of cranberry sauce

Creative use of turkey leftovers was pretty darned close to nil--soup and that's about it.

Mostly fed myself by mooching off of others, takeaways from the big scary megamart, McD's, Mr. Sub, Chinese food...lots of Christmas dinners as well.

I wish I had a cameraphone...then I could sneakily take pictures at the megamart--signs exclaiming that "We (Toronto beancounters (the store's ultimate bosses)) know freshness is important to you (me the customer)" atop mounds of moldy and rotten lemons, inedible citrus, even more "seasoned" meats --is it normal for chicken (no labelling re: seasoning) to have 200mg of sodium in it?